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SETfusion – Solar Technology Born of Passion


Cooperating successfully with our customers and the sun, Working with a mission to achieve solar parity and to reduce cost, SETfusion offers a complete range of sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective solar solutions. The group offers a comprehensive range of innovative solar products for domestic and rural markets that can also be customized as per need and requirement.

Possessing a cogent and comprehensive experience in the power solutions industry, SETfusion serves as a turnkey developer of MW-level PV power plants. Working with a mission to achieve grid parity and also to reduce cost, SETfusion offers customized power plant solutions spanning from innovative solar solutions to turnkey EPC for solar power plants and customized solutions for roof-top & off-grid installations.

As supplier of solar installations and ecological energy technology, we deliver integrated sustainable energy production solutions. That’s what our team of employees are committed to. Our product portfolio comprises solar systems for private and commercial users as well as the public sector.


A one-stop Solar Energy Supplier


We offer complete SOLAR PUMP CONTROLLERS, Solar inverters, Solar pcu, Solar water systems, solar on-grid inverters, solar off-grid inverters, solar power storage systems, mounting systems, and know-how. In the solar Products segment, we are a leading manufacturer.


We can supply to all over India.


Thanks to our all over India distributors, partners we deliver our products to you across India.


Our extensive product range:

solapower: -


We offer complete solar power systems and solar power products with comprehensive accessories:


  • for private residential buildings

  • for public buildings

  • for agricultural applications

  • for business

  • for stand-alone installations

  • for investors

Our competent installers will gladly advise you on all solar technology matters, help you to choose the system that’s just right for you and after installation will offer you comprehensive service. 


Solar Heating Technology :-

We offer complete solar water pumping and solar irrigation pump sets, including a wide range of accessories.


  • for private residential buildings.

  • for Drip irrigation. 

  • for sprinkler irrigation.

  • for water purification plants.


Our competent installers will gladly advise you on all solar pumping technology, help you to choose the system that’s just right for you and will provide extensive follow-up support after completing the installation. 


Services :-


  • We assign right installer for your project near your location.

  • Competent advice by us to your installers.

  • Comprehensive printed information.

  • Specialist advice, individual project planning, start-up and monitoring of large solar installations.

  • Extensive warranty services.


We are in dense partner networks.


Our systems and service delivery are closely coordinated. We work with a dense network of selected solar installer partners and engineering companies.


We work reliably.

From the first consultation of our customers to dispatch, we focus on precise, customer-oriented outcomes. We regard smooth cooperation as one of the arbiters of quality.

We drive solar progress.


As pioneers we drive solar progress with our own development division. Our ideas and patents have shaped the solar energy industry for many years.


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