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Solar Petrol Pump Inverter


In today’s era of globalization,  our  energy  demands  are  continually increasing - We  need to be always dependent of automotive transportation  for all our needs.

Petrol pumps in rural – remote area cannot function due to frequent, irregular and unpredictable power cuts.


SETfusion has  successfully implemented  solar assisted petrol pumps with the help of their system integrator spread across INDIA using its SUN Fusion model PCU.


SETfusion PCU can be used to support demands of petrol pumps with multiple delivery nozzles.




  1 > Noise free.

  2 >  Uninterrupted power supply.

  3 > No voltage fluctuations.

  4 > No voltage fluctuations

  6 > Saves on day time expenditure of diesel used in DG sets.

  7 > No maintenance

  8 > Income tax benefits

  9 > Best solution for places with DG usage of more than 8 hrs

10 > Economic, Smaller, hybrid systems with battery banks

11 > Easily expandable

12 > Remote monitoring facility



System requirements:-



PCU: 5KVA for 2 Nozzels / 8KVA for 4 Nozzels


BATTERIES: 12V-150AH Tubular-8Nos


Solar PV Modules: 5-8KWp


Panel mounting structure





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