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Where electricity is unpredictable, farmers need not depend on grid  electricity for their agricultural requirements. You need to pump water and we can help. 


SETfusion have manufactured and distributed solar powered water pumps, We save you time, money and hassle and we love doing it! Not only do we try to build the best solar powered pumps, we strive to be the best company for you to buy a solar pump from.


SETfusion take care of you. Please give us a call to work for you today!

The implemented solution comprises  of  .5HP to 100HP solar pump  Controllers – SETfusion  SWP Models, solar photovoltaic  modules  and Modules Holding structure.


SETfusion solar pump controller uses the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm to improve the efficiency of solar energy by 35% to 40%.

The  internal  MPPT  algorithm  is  used  to  deaw  maximum  power  from  the  PV  cell  at any  instant.  This  is achieved  by  modifying  the  operating  voltage  or  current  in  the  PV  cell until  the  maximum  power  is obtained.

Agriculture Solar water pump systems can provide you irrigation water during daylight hours when you need it the most.

Solar powered submersible pumps are our specialty but we sell many styles of solar water pumping systems and build solar water pumping kits for all types of applications.  We have easy to size and install systems to make it easy  for you to determine which solar water pump system you need.  We take the guess work out of solar water pumping.  


Key features & Benefits


  •  Compatible with existing water pump.

  •  Available in both type surface and submersible.

  •  No dependency on Grid power in day. 

  •  No any running cost, freedom from electricity bills.

  •  It can work for more than 100 meter depth.

  •  It can be installed in any remote areas.

  •  Noise free operation - No Noise pollution.

  •  No Air Pollution.

  •  Low Maintenance.

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