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Solar Hybrade Inverter with Inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller



Using vast experience of designing of such power electronic products embedded  with  technological  excellence , SETfusion offers  state-of-art  single  phase  Hybrid  Solar  Inverter-Cum- charger system.

It consists of MPPT Solar Charge Controller with Hybrid Inverter. As per the requirement, the same inverter can supply full DC power for charging of battery through 230V AC mains (wherever available). The Inverter  can  thus  both  charge  the  battery  or  supply  the  AC  to   connected Loads through Grid synchronisation. Provision for command to start / stop of DG set also available, in case battery gets discharged beyond certain level.


Inverter can also be configured to export surplus power to grid. The different control & monitoring options available are:


  • Via  the  front  panel  LCD  display  and  membrane  key-pad.  A  structured,  software  menu-driven system is available for monitoring and setting up the inverter.

  • Via a RS-232 / RS-485 and RJ-45 TCP/IP connection. These connections can be utilized to connect a PC to monitor and configured the inverter locally.

  • The  inverter  can  be  connected  to  a  SCADA  system  through  the  TCP/IP  communication  port available.




  • Adaptive algorithm for high efficiency MPPT Solar Charger

  • High efficiency DC-DC power conversion

  • Low current distortion and high PF during charging mode

  • Available from 1KVA to 15KVA in wide voltage range

  • Multi stage battery charging including temperature compensation

  • Fast changeover time

  • High inrush current

  • Current sharing between Solar & AC when presentAuto DG start-stop as per requirement

  • Digital display with keypad control RS-485 with extended touch screen display

  • Data logging with storage and GPRS monitoring




  • Data Center

  • Site Office

  • Farm Houses

  • Telecom Shelters

  • Petrol Pumps

  • Pipe Lines

  • Railway Signaling etc.

  • Hospitals / Apartments



    Different voltage can also be offered.*  Higher rating MPPT with different inverter rating can also be offered.

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